Insight into the performance of your port. Readily available.


increase of investment effectivity


higher satisfaction of port users


less time spend on operational port management

Performance insight

Insight leads to the best investment choices and effective port management.

Make the best decisions for port management using 4shipping. Not only strategically but also operationally.

4shipping gives you insight into the flow of goods in your port, the occupation of the berths and the CO2 footprint. With smart filters you can analyze per product type and barge type. These insights enable you to make smart strategic decisions.

4shipping gives you actual insight into the barge’s visits and occupation in the port. This way, the port manager always has up-to-date insight in the pocket.

4shipping Insight
4shipping Card

Information provisioning

An attractive port starts with good information.

How do you make a port visit as easy as possible? By offering relevant information in a user-friendly way. Skippers, shippers and other port and waterway users find all relevant information in the 4shipping app. They view the facilities in the harbor. They consult contact information of the port authority, locks and terminals. In short, they experience a pleasant port visit by having clear information. In this way you contribute to modal shift and a better environment!

The benefits at a glance

Smart decisions

Port authorities make smart decisions by having actual and historical insight into the performance of the port.

Attractive port

Users experience a user-friendly and accessible port. In this way you contribute to modal shift and a better environment.

Cost savings

Save costs in operational port management through better streamlined use of the port and automation of the port fees collection process.

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